Emily Fields. 17. Auburn, here I come!
I'm Emily Fields. I love my life and everyone that is in it. Laid-back and just going with where life leads me. I find the most interest in swimming and soccer. Although, watching mostly any sport can satisfy me. If you see a car with the windows down and top back, rap music blasting from the speakers, don't be afraid to say what's up.

You know what we should get together? 

A street hockey game. Seriously, why not? I know we just did the PowderPuff game, but still. Everyone can play and we can separate the teams by age or grade or whatever. Even if school is out. Doesn’t really matter. It’ll be like a huge street hockey game and girls and boys both play. I think we should do it. It’d be intense as hell.

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  1. youngercarrow said: Street hockey? Can’t you pick something that we all might be okay at? I’m down as long as I’m not on certain people’s team. IE last time.
  2. chancetkeller said: I’m down.
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